Gun Safe Review: Homeland Safes Large Gun Safe Level V

Gun Safe Review:

Model: Homeland Safes Large Gun Safe Level V

72″ tall x 60″ wide x 27″ deep (depth dimension includes handle)
32-64 long guns

2″ Door
1-1/2″ locking bolt
Sargent and Greenleaf spy-proof lock
5 prong handle
Choice of chrome with silver pinstriping or brass with gold pinstriping
10 gauge body
180° door swing
Removable door
1/2″ 60 HRA hardplate(drilling protection)
Spring-loaded relocking system
Shear-off handle
Double step system

Fire Protection:
1800° for 60 min
Internal temperature under 350°
Type X-gypsum fireboard
Double expandable fire gasket
Cool gap

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